Trying to capture my essence in some words is such a tricky task. I find myself balancing between the Buddhist non-attachment to any identity and a wish to tell so many definitions of myself. At the same time as I want to escape a definition, given by myself or others. So maybe, this could be the capture: the desire to escape the definitions, the drive to cross the borders. I like to see myself as a modern nomad. The one who doesn’t belong to some place. Who crosses the borders, learns from the local experience and wisdom and travels further.

I like to think of myself as a gypsy soul. Since my teenager years my dream has been to travel to new countries, live there, learn their culture and move further. I didn’t want to be a tourist, hopping from sight to sight. I wanted to absorb the way of life, and then go to a new place to do the same. I explain this by growing up between two countries, and spending many days on the train J. During my early childhood my family lived in Slovakia because of my father’s job, and every summer we would go to Ukraine, my home country. The trip would take 3 days, and (as my imagination goes), caught up between there and here, between two homes, I started to feel that the train was my home too. Some people grow up with this strong feeling of home, of roots, of connection to their land. I never felt that way though I love my country. The road had become my home. My mom often wondered if there is somehow a gypsy blood in my veins.

When I was 22 I left for my dream of living around Europe. I spent a year in Germany, a year in Austria, and then I came to Norway. Where I stayed longer and have lived here for the last 10 years. But this is not a final destination, I guess. In my dreams I see new places.

But now it is not just about crossing the borders between countries. It is also about self-exploration and reinventing myself. Crossing the borders in my own head. Going beyond the limits which I discover in myself. Creating a new mindset, a new lifestyle. So this is what this blog is all about. I want to explore the world and the place where I live. I devote myself to learning about art of life and reinventing myself. And here is a place where I want to share my discoveries. You are welcome to join me on that journey!

5 facts about me: My name is Marina, I am 36. Ukrainian living in Oslo, Norway. My second home is Spain, because I love it, and Barcelona (because of my man).