Colors of Oslo

Last week my interest for exploring my own city was rekindled. This week I have spent in excitement and inspiration, falling in love with the place that I thought can hold no more surprises for me. So if you feel a bit stuck in your relationship with a place you live in, grab your camera and go out for a walk. For me taking pictures is like a ritual of appreciation. When I notice something and stop to snap it, I feel so alive. It is like showing gratitude to life for all the beauty it sends our way. A happiness-boosting process it is.

Another inspiration came from searching through blogs here on WordPress. I found a post “Oslo is colorful” by Kjersti Lier and was instantly obsessed with her project and her images. She has made the series where she shows that Oslo truly is a colorful city. Go check her vibrant collection, it is so lovely. Can you believe that I used to see Oslo as Northern, bit boring and gray place? I cannot believe it myself! Because Oslo is really full of colors.

colorful houses, Oslo

I am a huge lover of colors, that is why my Instagram feed never gets that stylish one-color scheme 🙂 ( and yes, some of my most favorite hashtags there is #lifeincolor).  Prompted by that post I felt kicked out (by myself) on the streets to make my own color impressions. Then I went through my old shots and found plenty of colorful buildings there. Gosh, where were my eyes before?

Today I want to share some of those older shots. Colors give joy to my eyes and leaps to my heart. I got obsessed with this hobby of collecting colors through the city and hope to share more of them on the blog. Join me in my quest and let’s share our colorful lives with each other!

12 thoughts on “Colors of Oslo

    • It is, it is! It took me some time to discover too 😉 I have made several posts here about colors of Oslo, you can check them under the hashtag “color” or “oslo” on my blog, if you’d like to see more 🙂

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