French Road Trip: Montpellier

I am a lover of all things French and a self-proclaimed student of art of life. I say, of art de vivre, because for me this form of art is developed by the French to its best expression)) In this post I want to share what I have learnt so far from them and the impressions of our road trip in the South of France.

The start was here, in Perpignan, and I was slightly unimpressed by it. There was not enough Frenchness there to my taste, which is touristic and brought up by the classical images of Paris and Provence. That changed when we came to Montpellier, a pretty city, totally unknown to me. It had all the elegance of the French city, the signature architecture and the color scheme, and I immediately fell in love.

These are my small discoveries that I made in Montpellier.

  1. People watching is a nice way to pass the time, especially in France. I was so inspired by the looks, simple, elegant, effortless. No one in Europe is closer to my definition of style than the French women (so far). I like how they dress to appear stylish and brave about their choices, and at the same time it seems like they didn’t care so much while pulling together the outfit.
  2. Sitting on the sunny terrace in February is enough to make your day. And even not on the sunny one and in winter clothes (because it is winter! Though it is not the kind of winter we are used to in Norway. Which made me envious). Spending time together, sharing the food and conversation. I know, that this is done all over the world, but I am forever charmed by the French people over French dishes with their wine glasses.


  3. Montpellier is situated in the area called Occitanie. So in my head I made connection to the famous cosmetics shop l’Occitane and its yellow signature color and decided to collect all things yellow (in photos). This has been my amusement through the trip as the yellow color was popping up all the time.
  4. The color scheme of Montpellier is different from Perpignan. It is less colorful, more sandstone and that dusted blue of the doors and windows, typical for Provence, that made me exclaim: “ I love this color!” I said it so many times, that my man was first rolling his eyes, and then would make fun of me: “Look, look at this door, Marina! What do you think of its color?”

We came to Montpellier on Friday, and at night we took a walk in the downtown which was full of young people, and bars were full of life. It looks like Montpellier is a lively and young city, at least, this is how we remembered it. Even though we spent only one day in this city, I was forever charmed by it and would love to get back to explore more.

streets of Montpellier
back to those streets

Have you been to Montpellier? What is your favorite French town or city?


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