Interior Trends I Love

I seem to become that classical Norwegian girl who doesn’t care much about her appearance, wears a lot of casual style – but spends a lot of time (and money) at her home interior. I got a sparkle of inspiration when I had to do styling of our flat when we were selling it – and since then I became an addict of interior shops, checking them both online and offline.

After visiting several of them, I could analyze and see what are the new trends of this year – and I must admit, I am in love with all of them. In this post I want to share my love – and who knows, maybe it will give some of you a sparkle too. Doesn’t matter if you want to redecorate – or just do any creative act.

Here is a list of this year’s trends that are my favorites.

  1. Nature inside. The tropical trend (from the last year) is still on, with cactuses and other exotic plants – real in pots or drawn on fabrics, posters and accessories. My heart is weak for cactuses (and every green plant) so I am eager to embrace this trend and wish it a long long life.

Then there are natural materials like bamboo, cork tree, straw,  – both in furniture and in the smaller pieces. And a lot of daylight. Yes to the living place that makes you feel like you are outside, somewhere in the woods or fields :))

living room by Ikea

2. The color theme. Pink continues its march of glory, this time a more subtle shade of pink, powder pink and dusted pink. I have discovered lately that pink is my favorite color (I always thought it was violet) – and you can guess how my heart gets aflutter when viewing those pink walls, or pink cups, or pretty anything pink :))

Another trendy color is green, in its many shades – and especially eucalyptus green, so tranquil and sophisticated. A quick Google search for “Pantone colors of 2018 interior” gave me these results.

Here you can see how Ikea interpreted them in its latest collection.

3. Classical Scandinavian design (and hygge). Anywhere I look, in any store (that is, not only in Scandinavia) the Scandinavian interior design seems to make a great comeback. Especially the classical Danish design of the 60s seems to be very popular. Its chairs and shelves have been replicated both by expensive and cheap furniture stores.

a living room by Ikea

Maybe, this trend can also be explained by the Scandi concepts of hygge and lagom that seem to have conquered the entire world. I had visited several interior stores in Barcelona lately, and it is located quite so far away from Scandinavia – but guess what, hygge theme was everywhere – cozy mugs, blankets, candles and posters spelling hygge. Here is an example from the Spanish interior store Muy Mucho. So even if the Spanish people are ready to embrace the hygge lifestyle this autumn, how much more we, the Northern inhabitants. Much more. Muy mucho, si :))


5. Industrial. First I noticed small black details in the middle of interiors filled with light wood furniture and green plants. I liked their simplicity and elegance. Then I started noticing them more and more – I did a quick research, and yes, it is another trend: industrial design. Transporting me into the lofts with big factory windows of New York, or the railway stations of London.

I am more a lover of colors than of black – but some black is good too. It is sleek, stylish and unfussy. It can help to add some details, make an interior more elegant and keep the color scheme balanced. Yes, I could never imagine I would care about the color scheme :)) Years ago I would add color on color and consider it all good. Now, after studying so much of Scandinavian interior (by practice) I have changed. Too much color seems too noisy to me. Yes, I have become one of those persons who go for basics of grey and beige when choosing the interior pieces, being veeery careful with color I introduce. Gosh, does I sound too freaky?:))

industrial design by Ikea

In these post I used a lot of examples from Ikea. Not because it is another Scandinavian classics, the sweet brother, as the Norwegians use to say about its neighbor, Sweden :)) But I have to admit that Ikea has done a lot of good job done this year. It seems that they got together a great team of designers and managed to produce a lot of things that are simple, elegant and modern. I don’t know, maybe, in some years it will all look too old-fashioned to me – but this year I am especially in love with Ikea catalogue, clutching it to my heart no less than a cool and exclusive interior magazine. Design to the people! (Just look at this photo, for example. Do you see what I see?)

kitchen by Ikea

What is your attitude towards your interior style? Do you like it being updated or do you value its unique coziness created by your life? Do you like checking the trends? Which of them can be your favorites too?

And may you walk in beauty!

22 thoughts on “Interior Trends I Love

  1. Interesting about the colors of the year and trends, I’m not a trend-follower because I always find it silly that someone says “this year’s colors are this and that” and then everyone goes “ah yes, I need that color now!”… 😀 Same with clothes. A multimillionaire designer in Paris says this year space gear is fashionable and all the cool kids follow! Heheh. Today I saw a girl on the bus stop who had copied a trend magazine’s look from head to toe. Big sunglasses looked quite funny since it’s the darkest period of the year and anyway it was an overcast day. Paired with an oversized coat, casual tote bag, and so on. My gosh. So unoriginal!!!
    But your photos here do look nice and inviting. I was looking at the first one and thinking how fun it would be to have so many lamps!!! Hahah. Why the lamps drew me in, no idea! (And why don’t I buy some more, well I can’t find nice ones and they are all super expensive here.)
    I also found it funny you said Norwegian girls aren’t interested in their looks!!! I always, always had the impression (and still do) that Norwegians, Danes and (especially) Swedes have very carefully considered their look. It might look casual but that’s on purpose. The casual sneakers are the right brand and that casual sweater cost 400 euros. Their mid-winter tan is perfect and their neatly braided hair took 2 hours to do in the morning… Well, maybe I’m wrong about Norwegians: I also have the impression Norwegians are sporty and love the outdoors and sometimes that reflects in their look. Sporty brands. No? 🙂
    I’m reminded of the other day, when I was sitting in the tram. There were 3 Russian women there, beautiful and with quite natural makeup. They all had pale pink scarves and one also had a pink jacket. It was like it was their team color! The color of their friendship. Their own trend. It reminded me of you, since I know you like pink and are Russian(-Ukranian). Over here, pink is not a trendy color for clothes right now, overall that is. But clearly it was the biggest trend for these girls. It looked sweet somehow, you could see they were good friends.
    Fun post Marina, so thought-provoking! Happy decorating!

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    • Thank you, Snow! It was fun making this kind of post! I am getting into the mode of moving and starting everything from scratch :))
      I too find trends superficial – but I still like to check them :)) I don’t support idea of following the trends blindly, but I like to keep myself informed so I know what is out there and what I could eventually play with. Same goes for clothes and interior. Just that interior interest was awakened in me very recently.
      Haha, I also had a colleague who would always come In sunglasses no matter the weather (we worked in the design shop then, well well). But ok, people want to be cool, that’s ok with me though I smile))
      Hmm, interesting observation about Norwegians. I always thought Swedes were the most stylish Scandinavians. While Norwegians were kinda farmers. But much has changed in the recent 10 years. Younger girls got more fashion conscious. And yes, those sneakers and sweaters can be casual but expensive and of famous brands. Older generation though is more random, if they don’t specially follow the fashion for some reason. But altogether Norway shows a higher income levels, even if they are sporty and casual.
      Nice story of pink Russian ladies :)) I can see that for myself. What about Finnish girls? How are they?

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      • Yes, Norwegians are like this too. They are quite moderate in their colors, but the younger generation got more fearless with colors and fashion. I like it! Cuz I like diversity. And still it is quite tranquil, if you compare them to Italians or Spaniards 😆😆

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      • Same here, I don’t want people to stare at me if I wear colors! So it’s good I’m not the only one now 😊
        An ex-boss I had was a strict and conservative woman who always dresses in black. She told me once that her dad had taught her as a child that if you wear red shoes you’re a slut!!!!!!!! 😳😱🤪🤣 Also she believed men shouldn’t wear pink and if a guy had a pink collar shirt under his suit (which can be a nice look actually) she would tease him endlessly. She also always remarked on my clothes. I once had a black shirt from Esprit with white uneven dots on it and she thought it was absolutely crazy!! 🤣🤣🤣 She represents the typical rural type I guess, she was in her forties so not even super old!

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      • Haha, for a lady! It’s always safe to be in black – but what a limited life, if you ask me)) What do we have all those colors for?
        I used to love colors, maybe, too much a lot, now I became a Nordic minimalist. I am looking forward to have lived a couple of years in Spain and becoming a new version of myself, wearing Desigual, colors and gold jewelry, hehe. Who knows :))
        I was lucky to have a fearless boss who would wear high heels, bold dresses, cool things – she was 100% Norwegian, but not to me :)) She was edgy, seeming scary at times – but I loved her boldness, and she was fair and good. This is kind of a women I look up to :))

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  2. I love this post, Marina!! When I was living in Sweden and then in Ireland, we couldn’t choose how to decorate our apartments… they were far from stylish and the landlord’s taste was always an imposition… and I hated the furniture in those three apartments!!
    Here in Switzerland it’s different. Rental apartments are usually empty and you can do whatever you want with them… so, besides my new hiking obsession, I’ve spent almost the last two years slowly decorating our new apartment! First the basics and now carefully choosing the small details… it’s been pretty fun! 🙂
    And yes, I think my two years in Stockholm really influenced me in this sense (thankfully, more than Ireland!!!)…. now I’m an addict to Scandinavian decoration and the Danish mid century style 🙂 I love the wood-white combination that makes everything look elegant and at the same time very relaxed and inviting!

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    • Thank you, Mercedes! It was fun doing this post, glad it’s fun to read too))
      Seems like Stockholm has influenced your taste (like Oslo did to mine :)).
      Oh, so good that in the end you got a place you can decorate and play with. For us it is quite an intense game, cuz we start with zero. And to be honest, if I could, I would jump over all the basics like beds and sofas and get into decorating at once 😆 but first things first. Gonna wait for my tasty bite))
      Or maybe, I should follow your example and do it quietly over a longer period. You took two years, and sounds like it works for you.
      Do you like the choice of everything in Switzerland?


  3. I couldn’t care less for anything trendy, but I do love the concept of “sweet brother” as a neighbouring nation. I think a Slovenian would rather die than call any neighbour this. 😀 And I do love the colours here, that green room most of all.

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    • Hehe, well, there’s enough bitterness behind that concept too. It’s a love-hate relationship, covered by Scandinavian nonchalant air)) Norway had been under Sweden for 100 years, and this has left its mark. Even though Norway had been under Denmark before. But they seem to care less about it. But Swedes, uui, they get a lot of jokes from Norwegians.

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