Oslo in Numbers

Good news for collectors who want to lead a more minimalistic lifestyle. I am that one. I love collecting things but the life lately is giving me lessons of minimalism. Yesterday I discovered this: going on a photo hunt and finding items that match my search theme can give the same good feeling as when I do lucky shopping. It is not always about things, but about that happy hormone shooting through my brain. Maybe, it is the same mechanism – the joy of the collector’s reward :))

Yesterday I was on the color hunt and I hope to share my findings here soon. Today I want to share my collection of numbers gathered around Oslo. This is a feature of such collections – I want to display them. Luckily, the blog can be that spot. So, no more words – just numbers!

My favorites here are Nr. 27, 4 and 5. But honestly, I like them all. What is your number?

(you can click on any image to view it full size in gallery)

Do you make photo collections of something special? What would you love to collect?

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13 thoughts on “Oslo in Numbers

    • Yes, funny enough, this reserved nation can go for colorful houses. I guess, part of it is a tradition: you know, these typical wooden houses of red and green. But then I see also a pink here and a light blue there. They can be kinda bold when it comes to the house paint :))


  1. Nice collection!!! My fav are the 19 and the pink and white 5, hehehe
    Uuummm let me see what I collect through my camera…. When I was in Dublin I liked to collect birds and squirrels… I loved to go to the parks and spend hours trying to photograph urban wildlife, it was super fun and challenging!! And flowers!!! A lot of them! Because weather was so dark that finding colour everyday was my way to cope with the rain and clouds, hahaha
    Nowadays, I thing I keep collecting flowers, even if I don’t publish them as often as I did in Ireland… (and there are a lot of beautiful Alpine flowers in Switzerland!!)… and mountains and lakes are my new obsesion, hehehe but you already knew that!

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    • Wow, seem that you have good control of your collections! πŸ™‚ And such a smart strategy of coping with gray weather! I lived a year in rainy Haugesund and I wish I were as conscious as you. Color definitely helps to get through grayness and darkness. I like to collect it too, in other forms though :))
      Lakes and mountains seem to be the right choice in the land of Heidi :))


    • Thank you for reading (and counting) :)) I used to read about numerology once too :))
      In spite of their reserved nature, Norwegians go sometimes for the bright colors for the houses. Mostly, in the traditional frame of red, yellow or green, but miracle choices happen too :))

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    • Hehe, Slavic connection :)) Manja adds good texts though.
      I have gone through my photos of the last three months, and yesss, so sunny they were. Now the autumn mood has settled in. I am still amazed bc it hasn’t been that much rain as it could be :))

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      • Here it changes every day: morning sunny for 3 hours, then cloudy for 4 hours, sunny for an hour, rainy for the rest of the evening… aargh all the clothes you need to have with you!!!! Today it’s been raining non-stop since morning though.
        So when’s the big move to Barcelona? Are you gonna learn Spanish? πŸ™‚

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      • Here it is one day sun, one day rain. Kinda more stable. This rain carousel reminds me of Bergen, where it is rain-sun-clouds-rain, all in a hour, and repeat. All the clothes and umbrellas, hehe :))
        The move will be towards the end of the year. I speak some Spanish already, have taken some course in the last years. Gonna work on it more. And on Catalan :))

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  2. I like such collections and these numbers, big, around and beautiful. My favourite is the 27 for the playful shadows.

    I’m drawn to numbers 16 and 19. First is my birthday, second the house number where I lived before moving to Italy.

    Happy autumn and then moving on!

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    • Thank you, Manja! Sorry for late answer, a busy trip has come up and swallowed me)) I like those shadows too.
      I also used to keep my flat’s number dear. For me it was 22, my flat number in Ukraine.
      Happy autumn to you too! 😊

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